• Techniq SMS

    (Student Management System)

    Does your child's school provide real-time access to information such as your child's class notes, homework assignments, class schedule, progress report etc.? If the answer is no, don't you think its about time they...

  • Techniq Certifier

    (Online Exam System)

    Techniq™ Online Certifier is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps Corporations, Educational Institutions and Non-profit organizations to manage their Online Certification offerings. Using this system...

  • Designing Solutions

    (Web & Print)

    Our portfoilio also includes a creative website designing team equipped with years of experience working to meet the specific requirements of every one of our clients. We also provide professional web design consultation...

  • Content Writing

    (Books, Web & Print)

    Just like website designing, our team of experienced designers helps you design templates for newsletters, brochures etc and our content writing team can help you create high quality content for all your web and print...

Techniq™ Certifier

Create and Update Custom Certification Programs Quickly, Easily and Economically

Certification - The ability of your enterprise to test a variety of employees, customers and partners against well-defined standards is an increasingly important part of online quality initiatives. But given the dynamic nature of today's high technology products and services, web-based certification programs often become quickly obsolete, are difficult to maintain and provide results simply not reflective of individual skills and knowledge.

Techniq™ Certifier helps you accomplish your multi-faceted certification goals, quickly and effectively. It equips your organization with a simplified means to create, modify and enhance web-based certification testing programs, using custom exam content that can be instantaneously updated. And Techniq™ Certifier accomplishes this all via a comprehensive, proven and economical hosted solution. That means limited investment with maximum return, all delivered in a matter of weeks!

Techniq™ Certifier enables you to easily create and maintain certification exams and perform testing and evaluation, leveraging the availability and economy of the Internet. It's benefits include: