• Techniq SMS

    (Student Management System)

    Does your child's school provide real-time access to information such as your child's class notes, homework assignments, class schedule, progress report etc.? If the answer is no, don't you think its about time they...

  • Techniq Certifier

    (Online Exam System)

    Techniq™ Online Certifier is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps Corporations, Educational Institutions and Non-profit organizations to manage their Online Certification offerings. Using this system...

  • Designing Solutions

    (Web & Print)

    Our portfoilio also includes a creative website designing team equipped with years of experience working to meet the specific requirements of every one of our clients. We also provide professional web design consultation...

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    Just like website designing, our team of experienced designers helps you design templates for newsletters, brochures etc and our content writing team can help you create high quality content for all your web and print...

Techniq™ Portfolio

What is Techniq™ Portfolio?

Techniq™ Portfolio is a Windows application that helps you create courses from content available in PowerPoint presentations, PDF, MS-Word documents, and Flash. It is an easy to use tool that helps you quickly create courses with a custom look and feel and upload them to the Your University system.

Unlike most courseware development tools which are primarily PowerPoint-centric, the Portfolio is the only tool of its kind that supports content formats such as HTML, SWF, AVI, WMV, MP4 etc. It also provides the ability to add quizzes with randomization of questions.

How it works?
  • Invoke the Techniq™ Portfolio application on your desktop
  • Create content pages from existing HTML files, PowerPoint files or MS-Word files). (References to other multimedia like images, style sheets and flash animations are automatically detected and included by Techniq™ Portfolio)
  • Organize the pages created into hierarchical sections as required
  • Associate supplementary content like instructor notes, audio files, FAQ and glossary to course pages as desired
  • Save all the contents as a package on your desktop and upload to the online university.